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International Exams coaching

If you want to study in an English-speaking university in the UK, USA, Canada, or Australia (and many other countries too), you must demonstrate that your English is good enough to follow the course.

As Cambridge teachers and examiners, we have taught and tutored for the Cambridge series of exams (First, Advanced, Proficiency, or FCE, CAE and CPE) since 1997. We have also taught the traditional international academic undergraduate entry exams IELTS and TOEFL for nearly 15 years. We are also coaching now for other exams including the relatively new Pearson PTE and Duolingo exams.

(Nearly) all these exams assess the four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. Although they differ in format (especially Duolingo), they have many things in common. A good teacher/coach knows both how to choose the right exam, and how to teach to the specifics of the chosen exam.

Young Learners

We have been tutoring young learners for twenty years, and teaching Cambridge and Pearson/Edexcel international English language curricula since 2016. Our learners are generally aged eleven and up (international school years 7 – 11, em Portugal 3o ciclo e ensino secundário). We know how to tutor for the demands of individual school curricula, as well as for international exams.

Young learners demand engaging material enthusiastically presented. They learn best when they are doing meaningful but fun tasks, so that they are absorbing the key learning points without consciously being aware of it. We are teachers, and have taught in international schools as well as to kids and adults at all ages and stages. Talk to us about your needs, free and without obligation, and discover the benefits of getting a teacher on your team!

English Fluency

Fluency refers primarily to the active skills of listening and speaking. Many people want to improve their general fluency, and often come to us without a clear idea of hoiw good their fluency is now, or where they want to improve it. We understand it can be difficult, but it is extremely important to be sure of this before you invest in a tutor or coach. We are experts in assessing your fluency and helping you decide what your learning objectives should be.

We also get a lot of people approaching us for ‘accent reduction’. Sometimes there is a genuine need for this, but usually there is absolutely no need for the student to ‘reduce’ their accent. Your accent is unique to you and part of your personality, so before you seek to change it, study how to improve in other areas first. 

Before you spend any money, come and talk to us and get our advice FREE! It could save you hundreds of Euro and a lot of frustration.


Good translation requires skill, experience, focus, and an honest relationship with the author of the original work. It is a painstaking process, involving the translator in understanding not only the words on the page, but the meaning behind the text as a whole and individual elements within it. For the period of the translation, expect your translator to immerse himself/herself in your subject and subject matter – whether that is nuclear science or a childrens’ book about giants.

The bottom line is that if you want to get published in English, you need to invest in a great translator who is genuinely interested in your work. Talk to us for a free assessment, discussion and quote. We are published academic translators with academic referees. We know what you need, and we won’t just ‘tell you what you want to hear’.

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