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FREE - English texts for study at KS3/4+ level

As a GCSE English teacher, I have often found frustrating the dearth of available texts for student analysis. In self-defence, I turned to my own writings (published, self-published and unpublished; fiction and non-fiction books, and blogs and articles). This area is dedicated to providing some of them FREE for over-worked, underpaid teachers everywhere. They are suitable for Keystage 3 and 4 and beyond, but are particularly useful for study at GCSE level, to illustrate various commonly-studied literary techniques, devices or themes.  They are all original and are provided copyright free.

The texts are tagged with the main devices they can be used to explore (this is intended to be indicative rather than prescriptive). They contain from 1,000 – 2,000 words and include a rights-free image.

The texts are provided in pdf format. If you would prefer a Word version, and/or would like a list of prompts/discussion points for each text, these are also available for a very small fee, to help the starving writer!

We are adding more texts as and when we have time – so if you need more, either subscribe to the site or come back and see us regularly. If you would like additional texts, longer texts, or ideas for discussion, please get in touch.

Hope you find this useful. We will be adding more texts soon  – visit us again to get more.

On the Amazon - extract #1

Extract of the author’s experience of a short river trip from the jungle city of Manaus.

Non-fiction (biographical). PDF File. 1,900 words. Rights-free. Language tags:  logos, pathos, allusion, humour, irony, tone, register, lexis, short sentences, tripling, dialogue, punctuation, adjectives, metaphor, hyperbole, pathetic fallacy, contrast.

If you need an editable version of this extract, or would like ideas for analysis or discussion, contact us.

Water Fall - extract #1

Extract from the thriller Water Fall, set in the Brazilian and Peruvian Rainforest

Fiction, action, conspiracy thriller. PDF File. 900 words. Rights-free. Language tags: metaphor, hyperbole, short sentences, adjectives, punctuation, contrast, imagery, alliteration, personification, analogy, tone, register, irony

If you need an editable version of this extract, or would like ideas for analysis or discussion, contact us.